Lullabies For A Decaying Civilization

by The Crowd

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released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved


The Crowd Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Your Ambition
I beg your pardon / Who the hell you think you are? / Your friends, your look, your style / I just can’t care less about / Acting so cool / Depending who is around / Chasing your role: / The main character in the spot / Don’t try with me that fake empty smile / Only your ambition is what really makes you laugh / You are so friendly / With every band that comes to town / Firmly ignoring / any other face in the crowd / Your egotism is / A beast you have to satisfy / Your sincerity / Was your very first sacrifice.
Track Name: I Wanna Feel Alive
Going in the subway to my fucking place of work / I’m feeling like cattle on its way to slaughter house / I’m hustling away my life for some filthy bucks / Can’t I realize that my days ain’t coming back? / I wanna feel alive / stop sucking my blood /Day after day it gets harder to wake up / “Arbeit macht frei” that’s what they said / Cannot be seen but I can feel the chains / My existence is shackled by wages and debts / Fear and distress keep me being a slave.
Track Name: Lullaby
We've reached the end of the path / Money God has set our fate / (we) the slaves, we must die / Four horsemen are on their way / Starvation through economy / Pharmaceutics brings Pestilence / we're heading the final War / The last conqueror will be Death / This system just couldn't last / Human Race deserves to die / So here's our lullaby for this decaying civilization / Rivers are tainted and so is Earth / can't breath this polluted air / Cities are now big graveyards / Echoes of bombs and children cries / Will be there a ray of hope? / Will be there a ray of hope? / Will be there a ray of hope? / Will be there a ray of hope? / Only ruins will be left / But we are not afraid / we carry a brand new world / Inside our hearts.
Track Name: Promises/Riots
PROMISES - Don’t forget all those promises that you made to me / When we used to talk for hours about our freedom dreams / When the world was against us and we only had / When we only had each other to watch each other’s back / Will you dare to forget?
Will you dare to forget? / Will you dare to forget? / I bet you that you can’t / For those times shared with you I feel so proud / One day I had to leave but you’re still in my heart / There’s no blame among friends like you and me / ‘cause only death can tear true friendship apart / Will you dare to forget? / I bet you that you can’t / No, I know that you won’t fail / Your promises will stand / Will forever stand

RIOTS - I’ve got this feeling running through my veins / My blood is burning, I’m full of rage / So many injustices I can’t stand / So many injustices deserve a little of revenge / I’m looking for a riot / I`m looking for a riot / You say that violence is so inane / Well, go tell the cops when they crash your head / I’m looking for a riot /All I want is a fucking riot / Riots, that’s what we want / Riots, that’s what we need / Riots, it’s worldwide / Riots riots riots now!
Track Name: The Wanderer
I'm an outsider in this town / and everybody does hate me / For this community I'm so loathsome / They can't deny that's what they think / I only see chalk faces / With dead eyes staring at me / I came here for opportunities / But scorn is what I found / I look dirty and suspectful / No one trust me ‘cause I’m poor / I only see chalk faces / With dead eyes staring at me / My damnation I’ll be a stranger / Anywhere that I go / But I’ll be free / I’m the Wanderer / Everybody turns into judges / And I’m guilty at their courts / If I stay I’ll be dead, son / So tomorrow I’ll be gone
Track Name: Shadow
There's a shadow behind me carrying on my miseries / always waiting to bring me down, to drag me underground / there's a weight on my back for every fault in my past / can't get rid of this crap, how long will this feeling last? / How long, will it last? / how long, will it hurt? / My sins torment me / tearing out my skin / Oh please, forgive me / give me a break I need to live / there's a hole in my soul darker than a flock of crows / Is morality or is just me what makes me feel this guilt? / There's a hole, there’s a hole, there’s a hole in my soul / it's a part of my being, it will never disappear.